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My father always drove a Cadillac when I was young and I used to ask him, “Why don’t you ever drive anything else dad?” He’d always say, “You have to remember to always try and buy American.” That dad being the legendary Dennis Hopper. Marin was born and raised in LA, her mother the ultra glamorous actress and author Brooke Hayward and Hopper himself who was noted for both his acting and photography, inheriting a legacy that is truly an American story of two hugely influential families. When she’s not managing her father’s illustrious art trust she’s running her two luxury lines Hayward and Hopper Goods which are both hugely inspired by the rich history of characters that have formed her life.


LES DREAMERS: Marin, among many things you were the fashion director of Elle magazine, you obviously have an innate knack for so many facets of design, what made you pick handbags?

MARIN HOPPER: Well first of all I learned from my many years of working in fashion that you don’t need to be a certain size to have a hand bag! Having worked with Tod’s and later Hogan, it became very apparent to me how important it was to carry on this rich tradition of fine bag making with the masters of Italy and so to be able to do so we (her husband film producer and Hayward co-founder John Goldstone) bought the factory where we were manufacturing our bags in and encouraged other American designers so do so as well. We now have The Row, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, and Ralph Lauren that we re so lucky to have producing out of there with us. Made in N.Y. and made in the U.S. is a big part of the branding of Hayward and Hopper.

LES DREAMERS: Let’s talk about these bags. I am currently lusting over the black suede and leather Vallens backpack. They are so elegant and so glamorous, very evocative of another era. They make you rise to the occasion of getting dressed!

HOPPER: My grandfather (Leland Hayward the legendary Broadway producer, agent and aviator) was very stylish and so cool, I really admired him. I had so many incredible archives of his. He made many of his passions into jewellery and he loved airplanes, he loved to fly traveling from coast to coast for meetings in Hollywood. So he’d go make an airplane tie clip at Cartier or he’d design his own font for Hayward to be made into the gold link chain of his watch fob that inspired the gold H that is in front of the bags and on the zipper pulls. There is a strong connection to jewellery and hardware and design and a kind of lifestyle and travel through he and my Grandmother Margaret who also flew airplanes. They were collectors of archives, huge travellers and always making their own stuff. He taught me to play chess when I was six years old and I just thought he was the bees knees. He was also a major photographer and had taken all these amazing photographs when he was married to Slim Keith and they’d take the whole family to travel on holiday or to Bermuda or Switzerland and Italy when he was scouting for films, The Sound Of Music……

LES DREAMERS: Wait whaaaat? Hands down my most favourite movie of all time, to the point where my family makes fun of me. I’ve probably seen it a 100 times. I’m having a moment.

HOPPER: Hahaha, when I started digging I found such a treasure trove of such great photographs of all the kids and the family he’d amassed. So between his photographs and my father who had always taken pictures, there’s all this family life documented. The artists my mother and father hung out with in the early 60’s, Andy Warhol’s first trip to Los Angeles when they threw him a big party at their house. It was such a great cross mix between old school glamour and modern day glamour. There was so much rich material to draw from! There is a real true quality to that whole era. I really come from an eccentric family. My Grandmother Maisy Hayward for instance sold her mansion to Cartier for a perfectly matched strand of pearls! There’s a lot of great stories and inspiration to draw from, it’s a true American story.

LES DREAMERS: I read something you’d said saying, there were no regular meals and many small dogs. What does that mean exactly?

HOPPER: Yes well, people were so caught up with what they wanted to do and make happen that a routine was way to normal, sitting down to have a meal was not something that happened.

LES DREAMERS: And your mother, is she still a vision of glamour as she was back in the day?

HOPPER: My mother is so demure, her pictures and paintings are all over the store but she’s very Oh that! about it all. She’s very flamboyant though, she has a big jewellery collection. She collects pins and loves bugs and birds and Taxaco jewellery she’s collected since she was young, she wears a lot of insects and animals!

LES DREAMERS: She sounds fabulous. Where you alive when your dad wrote and filmed Easy Rider? Were you old enough to realise the impact that it had on American cinema?

HOPPER: I visited the set when my dad was filming it, I was six and I got to ride on his motorcycle, that was my easy Rider moment. I remember my mother saying to me people are lining up to see it, it’s a really big hit! They say Queen Elizabeth is going to see it. Even at 6, I was such an Anglophile that when my mom told me I thought, wow the Queen. To me that meant he had really arrived.

LES DREAMERS: What does legacy mean to you?

HOPPER: The Legacy of Hayward and Hopper to me is inheriting the motto of people that love to make things happen and are inspired to keep going. One career leads to another career which leads to another passion, and all of my family did so many things, everyone was and is multi talented and wasn’t frightened to keep trying and having many different creative trajectories. I’ve inherited that passion for moving forward, that philosophy, to me that’s legacy.

Hayward Luxury is sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and Moda Operandi

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