Natalie Martin Designer


Photos by @kidhawke

I met the goddess like Natalie Martin in Los Angeles ages ago… before the word Boho had yet to even come into to it’s overused existence. However, if anyone should be granted use of this moniker, it is this gorgeous Australian fashion designer who embodies the term completely. She is a bohemian rhapsody. Natalie’s unique hand printed batik silk dresses are inspired by the amazing artisans of Bali where Natalie creates her own embroidered designs and uses unique prints to create special one of a kind garments. All done by hand (not one machine involved) so not one dress is exactly the same. The silhouettes are ethereal and feminine with zero effort. Like Natalie herself, the collection exudes a laid back understated glamour. Breezy caftans and flowing maxi dresses with the most delicate floral prints give you that feeling of an endless summer in a sun drenched Tuscan village, or a white washed Greek island and light enough to pack the entire collection into your suitcase. Done.

Natalie Martin is sold at Barneys New York and

Monét Mazur

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