The Art Of Slow Travel


Slow travel,this is a real thing I wasn’t privy to until I was enlightened the other day after perusing a breathtaking and inspiring site for a new type of destination experience called Travellur. Cue in Coco Kliks, your slow travel hostess and the creator of this extraordinary service. She is perfectly petite and impossibly chic, a seasoned expert travelling gypset if you will. Ready to offer you all the sweetness of life, anything one could ask for or never even think of asking for in the most nonchalant manor possible, absolutely nothing is a problem. She is in no rush, only to help offer you “a curated choice of life-defining voyages that will lift the spirit, open the mind and spark creativity.” As you add things like a tea party, piñata making and breaking, a vintage Paris trip or even a riverside picnic and child friendly wild swimming into your check out cart, you find yourself easily slipping away into a languid day dream of laconic living and the best part is….Travellur will deliver you to the slow living paradise that your dreaming about, without you having to plan a thing.


LES DREAMERS: I remember distinctly once the friend that had introduced us many years ago telling me that if one were to stay at your house, in the morning there was a rule of silence observed. There was no conversing allowed once you first woke, only communication through writing if necessary on a piece of paper until you’d taken your time to slowly wake up, have tea, and think. I thought that was so fabulously eccentric of you.

COCO KLIKS: Ha ha ha, yeah, that’s still the case, that’s so funny you know that, it’s true.

LES DREAMERS: That always defined how I thought of you actually. I could never imagine not being in a hurry all the time, but it is such an epidemic these days and I hate that I succumb to it. To always cram as many thing possible into your day, even if you don’t have time for them.

COCO: Yessss, exactly! So why would you want to go on holiday and do the very same thing you are trying to get away from?! Slow travel is a way of traveling deeper into a location and in a way deeper into yourself, deeper into relaxing, unplugging and distancing yourself from your daily concerns and all the things that you needed to take a vacation from. Be in the moment in the place you are with your friends and your family. Slow travel is a richer, more intimate experience and the souvenirs brought home are the ones money can’t buy.

LES DREAMERS: You’ve always been a great lover of travel, organising group expeditions to idyllic places and seemed to really love doing it. That’s a talent to me, some people are amazing at it. I find the thought of even just choosing some exotic bucket list destination overwhelming when you know nothing about the place your going to and want to have the most organic experience possible. The hours spent pouring over the internet or through travel books, asking friends for local recommendations and researching them is a time consuming job in itself. How did you get so good at it?

COCODuring the years I worked in fashion, especially when I had my own brand, the gypsy traveler in me had been kind of neglected. Going freelance allowed me more time to travel and I got to be really good at it. My favourite way of  traveling is going somewhere really nice, renting a beautiful house and inviting my friends. It’s a very French way to take a vacation. They take the whole month of August and they rent a house in the South and they just hang out. And if you stay put somewhere long enough to to recognise your neighbours, you get an authentic immersion experience. If you’re on a tight itinerary, there is no chance to experience the subtle characteristics of a destination – or to be carried away by the genius loci. This is something that I love to do, everyone that comes along seems to love it. When 20 people coming in and out in a month started to turn into 30 or 40 it just kind of gained momentum. Around that time friend asked me to organise a writers retreat for her, I discovered this amazing lifestyle photographer and cook Beth Kirby. She hosts creative retreats and I was so inspired by her that it suddenly all just clicked for me and thought oh my god, this is what I need to be doing, this is my calling! That was the spark of the idea and since then we’ve done voyages to Morocco, Croatia, Hawaii, Sicily among many others.

LES DREAMERS: And so now you have beauty retreats, vintage tours, art workshops, even family holidays to choose from where you just show up and everything is already thought of for you? Even date night babysitters and more time to get your groove on are parts of the packages you offer, it truly sounds like my idea of parental heaven.

COCO: You don’t have to do a thing, just pick the place.



To book your next epic adventure or to find out more about Travellur’s upcoming Corsica holiday click here.

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