by Gaby Basora
Gaby Basoura


Photos by BRAD COHEN

I basically stalked my way in to Gaby’s life. Back when Tucker was in it’s first incarnation I had come to discover her enchanted line through a friend and it was love at first site. Her vibrant and whimsical prints spoke to me, telling a story that I wanted to be in. The smocked necklines and blouson sleeves reminded me of the perfect dresses once worn as a child, but interpreted for a woman, that lived in Paris, in the 60’s. You get the visual? It’s a total Belle de Jour moment. In fact one of the star pieces from the new collection is a powerful pearl polka dot tassel blouse of the same name.

After meeting the wonderfully eccentric Ms. Basora herself I only loved even more. Her wisps of random thoughts spill out as if she’s channeling them from some other dimension, a master of the non sequitur with a killer instinct for mixing prints, she is a Wes Anderson character and a Rolling Stone lyric all at the same time.

A few years ago we shot a short film for one of her campaigns directed by Zoe Cassavetes and I’ve pretty much been wearing the line religiously ever since. Recently we rejoined forces once again for the label newly relaunched while we shot the Fall 16 collection in California a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. A whole new migration of birds, flocks of zebra print butterflies and Kool-aid coloured knits in perfectly ladylike matching sets scream to be worn. She comes in colours everywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow…….


LES DREAMERS: Who is the Tucker woman, if she was a character who would she be?

GABY BASORA: Tucker women are characters.

LES DREAMERS: Why do you think Tucker is so timeless?

GABY BASORA: Beautiful fabric, beautiful colours stay so. Not sure exactly why a simple salad of fresh peas and herbs and cheese tastes so good. Or the smell of bread cooking. Or voluminous fabric moving…. if it is sheer. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Curves…little big….skin and fabric. Movement, softness. A book called A Taste of Color A Touch Of Love. Something about that title gets close to.

LES DREAMERS: How do you source your endless inspiration for prints?

GABY BASORA: In the garbage can, wrappers and junk on the street makes for beautiful colours and irony. Textures, shapes, shadows, stories. Mismatched people on the subway. Newspapers, historical documentaries, memoirs, bookstores, cans. The Park, ideas, ladies, men, kids, google.

LES DREAMERS: Artist’s you’re most inspired by?

GABY BASORA: Musicians…dancers…painters…drawers.

LES DREAMERS: Your boys have such gorgeous names, they’re all so strong and iconic. Heston, Pablo and Jaques. Where did the name Tucker come from?

GABY BASORA: I heard the name Tucker in a dream in the morning. I looked up Tucker in the dictionary and one meaning was a piece of cloth draped over the bosom.

LES DREAMERS: What is your idea of heaven?

GABY BASORA: Heaven on earth. Its warm and my kids are there.

LES DREAMERS: Do you have any must have items for Fall?

GABY BASORA: I am the anti “must have”.

LES DREAMERS: What was your last purchase?

GABY BASORA: Yesterday afternoon and this morning purchase ledger: A banana, a shower curtain rod. Red lipstick at the 99 cent store, underwear for my son at brooks brothers.

LES DREAMERS: What are you currently reading?

GABY BASORA: The Romanovs.

LES DREAMERS: What’s the last thing you googled?

GABY BASORA: Elias Canetti.

LES DREAMERS: I adore you.


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